Monday, June 18, 2007

Floola vs SharePod for listening to music off I pod

I tried Floola Yesterday and It actually installs right on the ipod not the PC.. That is great it is what I wanted.
I really did not like SharePod I mean it does the job, but hardly... I could not organize my songs by rating is the worst part. I mean I have 3000 and more songs I dont want to go searching for my new favourite songs that I just rated on the ipod !! Floola on the other hand gives you an interface very much similar to that of itunes with the functionality of ordering songs by date, title, author, rating ...etc. so it is great.
On installation and running Sharepod worked much smoother and faster on my PC, especially the part that Floola asked me to setup my ipod since it was not set up correctly. I had no backup of my ipod anywhere so I just canceled that request since I did not know the consequences !! Sharepod runs faster yet the interface is very basic and sometimes disturbing.
Both softwares are freewares so there is no issue with price here.
Both show your playlists

Floola vs SharePod:

Floola Advantages:
1- itunes like interface
2- ability to sort songs by artist, title, rating, etc.
3- You can use Floola for a whole lot of things other than just playing songs.. I know you can transfer music from to ipod and pc with it.. ability to sync but I am not sure what that really means, but I will probably test this program and its potential and post another one about that.

Floola disadvantages:
1- a weired comment about iPod setup at installation and startup
2- a bit slower to start on a PC

SharePod Advantages:
1- Runs faster on a PC system
2- Installation is with no issues

Sharepod Disadvantages:
1- Very Basic interface
2- no ability (at least at my first trial) to sort lists by rating.

I seriously will go with Floola eventhough it runs a bit slower... It is promising and I would guess it will improve in the feature years since it does more than just play music.. Will it always be free... I dont know.

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